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A Tribute to Backus: The Power of Patronage
January 15 – March 6, 2015

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The winner of this year's 
Backus Raffle Painting was 
James Chambery of Fort Pierce, FL.

All winners of first thru third prizes 
will be notified by the Museum.

A.E. Backus was a prolific painter who knew great success during his lifetime. There are literally hundreds of thousands of talented artists whom none of us has ever heard of, or ever will hear of. Besides raw talent, what is it that separates those artists from an incredibly successful  artist like   A. E. Backus? One undeniable component in a successful artistic career is patronage. Backus’ first significant patron was Dorothy Binney Putnam, daughter of Edwin Binney, inventor of the Crayola Crayon and wife of famed publisher, G.P. Putnam.
 In 1931, Dorothy recognized Backus’ raw talent and launched his career by hosting Backus’ first art exhibit at her home. What began as a near-charitable gesture in 1931, blossomed into a lifelong friendship and an impressive, broad ranging collection of Backus paintings. Dorothy’s third husband, Don Blanding; poet, artist and self-described vagabond, was also pivotal in promoting Backus during the early part of his career. For this once in a lifetime exhibit, the heirs of Dorothy Binney Putnam have generously loaned the Museum selected works by A. E. Backus and Don Blanding from their collections. Many have never been exhibited before and may never be again.

“Going Fishing” by A.E. Backus  Circa 1948, Oil on Canvas